Studentenbijdragen Wikipedia: een impuls voor kwantiteit en kwaliteit

Over het toenemende aantal opleidingen dat Wikipedia inzet als onderwijsplatform hebben we het hier al eens eerder gehad. Steeds meer studenten krijgen de kans om studiepunten te verdienen door bij te dragen aan de online encyclopedie. Dat het mes aan twee kanten snijdt is evident, maar de resultaten die Wikimedia deze week publiceerde zijn nog mooier dan menigeen aan het begin van dit academisch jaar durfte te hopen:

Over the two terms of the Public Policy Initiative, more than 800 students were introduced to Wikipedia editing as part of their coursework. In the fall term, we worked with 14 classes. In the just-completed spring term, we worked with 33. The chart at right shows the number of bytes our students added to articles. All told, students contributed 8.8 million bytes to the English Wikipedia this academic year. That’s the equivalent of more than 5,800 pages of content to Wikipedia. Put another way, that’s 11 reams of paper filled with new content.The best part is, the content students are adding is of high quality. On average, public policy articles within the project improved by 140 percent, based on a numerical weighted ranking as assessed by Wikipedia experts and public policy experts. The articles went from an average score of 6.88 before the project to a score of 16.54 after the students completed their work. Our research analyst, Amy Roth, is busy crunching numbers, so look for an expanded report to be published on the Outreach wiki this summer.

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